Big/Small Dreams

Anyone else have these?

When I was a kid, I would have what I called “Big/Small dreams”. More like nightmares, and usually when I wasn’t quite asleep or awake.

I have a theory that we’re spirits that are semi-loosely connected to the physical world, and that when we’re first adjusting, it’s hard to “sync up” with our place in it.

What if, as has been suggested in numerous Sci-Fi shows, our solar system is like an atom in a larger entity, and at the same time the atoms in us and everything we see are themselves galaxies, solar systems, or universes?

Then, what if we, as spirits, actually exist outside all of that, and when our body is born we need to try to lock in on this rapidly-moving, tiny body on a planet in a solar system in a universe, that is at the same time a collection of universes with their own solar systems and planets and atoms and universes and solar systems and atoms?

Finding your place in that would be a nightmare.