Apple Music – Everything You’d Expect from Microsoft

Update 12/24/15: Apple’s worked out the bugs, and Apple Music is now my favorite streaming service, largely because of the integration with Siri that lets you say things like “play some Christmas songs” or “Play Take On Me” and have it play almost any song you can think of instantly. It was a lot of fun having my father in law mention an old song, ask Siri to play it, and route it to the living room speakers (via air play). That’s the kind of user experience we’ve grown to expect from Apple products. 

Original: Apple products aren’t popular because they’re original, they’re popular because they “just work”. Apparently someone forgot that when launching Apple Music.

I really wanted to like Apple Music, but every direction I turn, I hit errors. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites:

  • Turning on and running the music app just after upgrading, it displayed this beautiful screen. The colors are lovely, and it has a custom red “Ok” button.
    Apple Music - We've run into a problem.
    Apple Music Launch Screen Error
  • One of Apple Music’s interesting features is a Pandora style radio station. Select a song or artist and “start station”. This feature uses a system standard error dialog for that old-school look.
    Unable to Start Station - There was a problem starting the station. Try again later.
    Starting an Artist radio station in Apple Music.
  • One of the fun things you can try to do with Apple Music is to play videos by artists you like. When looking at an artist’s page, Apple Music will recommend top videos. Viewing the latest Carly Rae Jepsen video on my Mac Mini shows this lovely dialog. Again, it’s a system standard dialog, but it does feature the new iTunes app logo in the upper left corner. Among the dialog’s features are handy recommendations about how you might convince iTunes to let you view the video, and a check box to make future videos fail to play silently for added confusion in the future.
    iTunes HDCP error message
    iTunes HDCP error message

As for Apple Music’s other features, the iOS app is excellent at crashing in the middle of a video or song. If you get a video to play on the iPad, it displays with a light gray border that you cannot remove. I did manage to get an artist radio station to play once, and Apple Music quickly veered away from anything I’d want to hear. The “You” playlists I’ve tried had about one interesting song in ten.

So, aside from the lovely types of error dialogs, Google Music’s multi-device service seems to be the best for having your music available everywhere, and I’d stick with Spotify and Pandora for streaming and radio services.