Techno Cover Remixes

My latest project (May, 2009) – remixes of popular songs. They’re done as “covers”, which means I’m re-recording the vocals as well as doing a new arrangement. Vocals sung by Ann Miller. For legal reasons these are available only on iTunes US, and I can’t stream any full-length previews. As such, the links just go to iTunes.

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Grant Grueninger

Grant’s been in Software Development and computer-related consulting for over 20 years. He also studied music composition at UC Berkeley and USC. Having learned programming in Silicon Valley in the shadow of Lockheed, he’s passionate about good, bug-free software development. He also enjoys quality music composition, but defines “quality” using the criteria of well-produced recordings and well-crafted pieces. As such many pop songs, especially those produced by Max Martin and his associates, match the definition.

He maintains this blog in his spare time, using it to share information that either he cares about or thinks others will care about, hoping that those two criteria will at some point meet and garner mutual interest.

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