GTD to “normal” translation

If you’re a GTDer, you’ve probably had some communication problems when talking to non-GTDers. (this usually manifests itself in the form of a comment about being a nerd, or about being overly organized). So, here’s a handy guide to translating GTD to “normal” (unproductive?) English:

  • That project is on my someday/maybe list: I’ve been meaning to get to that, but have been too busy
  • There are too many projects/actions on my list, if I add the one you’re asking, I don’t know when it’ll get done: I’m really busy, but I’ll get to that when I can. (follow with reading project list if they ask what you’re so busy doing. That’ll usually make them go away)
  • I’m adding that to my inbox: Got it.
  • I cancelled that project because _____: I decided not to (or “couldn’t”) do that because _____.
  • I’ve assigned a due date of _____ to that project: I’ll have it done by _____
  • I’ve added an “all day” action to my calendar to call you on Thursday: I’ll call you Thursday