How to move an apartment or house in 4-6 hours and be unpacked and settled in at the end of the move (really)

[ad#Adsense]How to move a 2-bedroom apartment in 4-6 hours and be unpacked and settled in at the end of the move (really):
(see below for extending this to include packing)

If you’d rather pay someone to do it:
Pack/Move/Unpack companies:

[ad#Adsense]These are from my notes from the research I did for my impending potential move. The companies above (I believe) do full relocation – that is, they pack your old place, move your stuff, and unpack into your new place. Corporations use services like this to move their employees – you’re unpacked and settled in the day you move in. I got tired of taking days hauling things around in my previous moves and knew there was a more effective way to do things – hopefully they’ll help you too. 🙂

I have a huge house to pack, so I added the following steps to enable people to pack too:
– List areas to be packed
  – Break them down by units that can be packed in small boxes in about 15 minutes by one person
– Write up list of friends to invite to moving party
– Write up instruction list for packers:
  (Note: I wanted to enable people to sort out items that really shouldn’t be moved/stored – you may want to drop that part and just have them pack everything)
  – Get 3 boxes and a plastic bag.
    – Label 1 box “give away/sell”
    – Label 2 boxes with the name of the area you’re packing and types of items in it (you may need more boxes depending on their size and number of items in your area)
  – Go through each item in your area sorting items into each box.
    (note: you may want to drop this sorting, or update the criteria to match your needs)
    – If it’s “worth keeping”, put it in the box for the area you’re packing
    – “Worth keeping” is defined as being more valuable than the amount of storage space cost and effort to pack, move, and unpack.
    – If it’s not worth keeping, but someone might want it, put it in the “give away/sell” box
    – If it’s trash, put it in the plastic bag.
– Write text for invitation for packing party
– Get enough boxes to accommodate the areas on the list
– Get a bunch of plastic garbage bags for trash

Hope this helps. 🙂