Chalk Drawings

More chalk drawings from Julian Beever.
Julian Beever is an English artist who’s famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium.

Julian Beever Coke Bottle Drawing

Julian Beever Beer Bottle Drawing
Don’t miss Julian Beever on the Top of the Bottle

Julian Beever Seal Drawing

Julian Beever Hose Drawing
Everything is fake. Even the hose and water.

Julian Beever Sailboat Drawing

Julian Beever Sony Vaio Drawing

Julian Beever Archeological Dig Drawing
There is no hole in this pavement.

Julian Beever Water Main Drawing

Julian Beever Construction Hole Drawing
People are actually avoiding walking in the “hole”.

Julian Beever Self-Portrait

Julian Beever Rembrandt Drawing

Julian Beever Guy And Beer Drawing
Which is which?

Julian looks for gold in the streets:
Julian Beever Gold Digging 1
Julian Beever Gold Digging 2
Julian Beever Gold Digging 3
Julian Beever Gold Digging 4
Julian Beever Gold Digging 5

Julian Beever Girl In Pool
Girl in Swimming Pool

Julian Beever Girl In Pool from the other side
Girl in Swimming Pool as seen from the opposite side of the drawing.

Julian Beever: Politicians Meeting Their End
Politicians Meeting Their End

Julian Beever: Giant Fly
Giant Fly Spray

Julian Beever: Rescue
Rescue: To be viewed using an inverted mirror.

Julian Beever: Girl on Beach Mat
Girl on a Beach Mat

Julian Beever: Make Poverty History
Make Poverty History

Julian Beever: Make Poverty History from the side
Make Poverty History as viewed from the side – 40 feet long

Julian Beever: Baby Food
Baby Food

Baby Food in reverse
Baby Food seen from the opposite side

Julian Beever: Diving
(you can still see the blocks of concrete)

Julian Beever: Spiderman
Spiderman to the rescue!

Julian Beever: Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin to the rescue!

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