White Elephant Party Revision 2

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a problem with the concept
behind a “White Elephant Party”. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be about giving?

For those that don’t know, a White Elephant party is a party in which each
person brings a small present. The presents are all put in one place (i.e. under a tree).
Then everyone draws a number, and goes in order picking out a present.
If someone after you likes your present better than yours, they can take yours
instead, and you get to pick a new present. If you like someone else’s present
better than yours, you can take theirs.

To me, this just breeds selfishness. How about this instead:

White Elephant Party Revision 2


  • Each person brings a present.
  • They get a number as they put the present under the Christmas tree.


  • Each person introduces themselves and what they like.

Gift exchange:

  • The first person takes a gift and opens it. If they don’t like
    it and think someone else would like it more, they give it to that
    person and take another present. They can only do this once (otherwise
    you could just have the first person distributing presents 🙂 ).
    Then the next person goes, and so on.

Doesn’t that sound more “Christmassy”?

Back to the WWW Stone Age?

I’m starting to see sites popping up with “best viewed with browser A or browser B” again. Didn’t we move past browser-dependence about 5 years ago?

I’m also seeing self-proclaimed “web developers” talking about the browsers they use to test their sites.

I know AJAX is very trendy right about now, but even then you must follow the simple rule of web design:

You code to the standards, then the browser makers uphold the standards and your sites work.

If you slap your code together and test it in your particular trendy browser of choice, you let Microsoft and Mozilla get away with putting proprietary code in their browsers that starts degrading web browsing in general: people have to run multiple browsers on their systems, or more likely, your site gets ignored by people that don’t have your favorite browser.

This isn’t rocket science people, it’s web design. So go to w3c.org and learn about what you’re doing.