F***ing spammers

I don’t normally swear, but spammers have become such a problem that their name has evolved in common use from “spammers” to “F***ing spammers” (with a capital F).

Sorry there’s no comment or Karma posting on this weblog. Evidently some marketing geniuses think that posting a link to their online pharmacy on my blog will increase their business. I don’t know about you, but it assures I won’t buy from them (not that I’d buy from some random on-line pharmacy in the first place). Search engines like Google, I’m sure they’re told, will go rank their website right to the top of the search listing, so that when I’m searching for some corrupt on-line pharmacy in Google (which is where I get my prescription drugs, don’t you?), I’ll find their’s first.

Oh, but of course spam “doesn’t cost anything”, “we can just delete it”. I mean seriously people, if you have to resort to forcing your stupid message in front of someone you KNOW won’t read it and doesn’t want to see it, then why do it? Why send me a message with the subject “c1alIs”? Do you think that just because you forced it into my mailbox I’ll go buy crap from you? The idea of marketing is to *target* specific people you think will *want* your product. You want to keep your message *away* from others, because it harms your company’s image. It’s just common sense, you idiots.

So comments are off, the spam blocker’s on, and the waves of absolute sh** mail keep bouncing off, hopefully not taking too many real messages with them in the process.

So I say along with the rest of the world, “go to he!i you fu3k!ng [email protected]”.