Why I’m against city-wide wireless

So I stumbled upon “free” wireless in North Hollywood yesterday, brought to you by “FreeNET”, sponsored by NoHo and some local businesses. Cool, I thought. Registered and logged in.

It never occurred to me that the city/businesses would be afraid that someone might see something scary while using their “free” wireless, so they’d try to FILTER IT!!!!????

I hit my first error when clicking on a Myspace group. Guess it must’ve had some scary word in it. I don’t know, ’cause I never saw it. Is that why the kidz on Myspace mis-spell all the time?

Then I was trying to download from CPAN, scary evil site that it is, and evidently a gzipped file is too scary too (“BANNED_EXTENSION==.gz”).

Just for fun I tried ssh. You can guess whether or not that worked… (hint: no).

So we trekked across the street to Starbucks to get some work done. Good ol’ Deutschland Telecom saves free speech again (do some research on T-Mobile sometime).

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe we should teach kids instead of trying to censor stuff from them (I am, of course, assuming that’s why they felt it rational to over-filter the “free” wireless)? And if we’re going to try to break wireless Internet through pointless filtering, maybe we should try to keep them out of the bad parts of town too (like North Hollywood). Can we put up gates maybe? (I’m sorry, people are cussing in here, you can’t come in).

And, again again again, the Internet was developed to pass information in a nuclear war. Why do people think they can filter it?????

On a lighter note, am I the only one that sees the irony in the name “FreeNET”? I think “FilterNET” has a much better ring. Would it display my email if it had a bad word in it?