DBI::mysql on MacOS X and Happy New Year

So if you’re a geek like me you’re installing mysql on your powerbook.

And if you’re doing this to run Perl on your powerbook, you’ll need DBI, which won’t install from cpan, so you’ll need the instructions here:


And where it says “get the latest version”, DO get the latest version, because the version linked to on the page will not work. It’ll error with:
mysql.xs:100: error: too few arguments to function `mysql_shutdown’

You need http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/DBD/DBD-mysql-2.9004.tar.gz or later.

Happy New Year!

Fun Christmas Presents

Ok, I think I have to add this to the wishlist:

New Novelist – www.newnovelist.com.

It is PC-only software, which sucks, but it looks like such a fun idea I think I have to recommend it as a cool Christmas present anyway. For me or your budding novelist friends out there. It helps you write a novel. Pick your story formula, plunk in your characters, fill in your chapters, and write away! Check the web site for an overview and screenshots.

Enter the discount code ABSOLUTE and get it for less than $50.