HP “Tech Support”

From the company that considers “inventing” to mean slapping its name on an iPod comes a whole new level of tech support. These are actual excerpts from our recent contact with HP’s tech support, for your enjoyment:

My email:

Grant: The setup assistant pops up on every computer I own every time I log in and will not go away no matter what I do. It installs itself in my dock even when I remove it and turn it off in Accounts, and in it’s own preferences.

The PSC 1350 is not a manufactured network. We have added the list of supported network prints in the following URL.

Judy’s Chat:
Rachelle: Hello Judy
Judy: hi there
Rachelle: Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is Rachelle. How may I assist you today?
Judy: We just bought a PSC 1350 and it won’t let me connect to the printer wirelessly
Judy: it won’t allow us to configure the port
Rachelle: Please let me know if you are having any wireless router.
Judy: yes there’s a wireless router
Rachelle: Ok, thank you for the information.
Rachelle: But PSC 1350 has it’s device limitation and it cannot be shared on wireless even you have wireless router
Judy: are you still there?
Rachelle: Yes
Judy: can HP create a driver to do that?
Judy: Epson has it
Rachelle: I am sorry that printer will not support in wireless even it cannot be attached to the print server in wired network
Judy: HP is a bit behind
Judy: please let your managers know
Judy: i think my boyfriend was able to do it on his mac
Judy: his desktop is in one room and the printer is across the hall
Judy: no cable connecting them
Judy: so there is a way just my pc can’t
Rachelle: Mac I don’t have much knowledge’s, but the PSC 1350 as per our manual does not have potentiality to support across the wireless network.
Judy: please let your managers know that you have two unhappy customers
Rachelle: Sure, I will but it is the device limitation

I’m all for outsourcing to save costs, but this is ridiculous.