Stupid iTunes Tricks

In case you’re as into iTunes and music as I am, you’ve probably fought with disk space issues and how to keep things organized like I have. I’ve found a way to keep things organized maximizing convenience and minimizing disk space.

I have all my music on an external firewire drive plugged into my G3 desktop.
I mount that drive from the Powerbook to access music (yes, remotely also, but don’t try this at home unless you know what you’re doing!).

I wanted to be able to dump new files into the iTunes music folder and have iTunes on either computer be able to play them. i.e. I would download a file straight into the iTunes Music folder and I wanted iTunes to sort it into the right place and load it into the library.

Here’s how I found to do it:

On both computers, select for iTunes to “Copy new music into iTunes folder” and “Keep iTunes music folder organized”, and selected that drive and folder as the “iTunes Music Folder”.

In each iTunes you can now “synchronize” your library:
Select “File -> Add To Library…” (command-O), select your iTunes music folder, click “choose”.

Handy Stuff

Ok, spent too much time on Apple’s discussion boards today and found some cool stuff:

Neat little tool for iCal users – puts people’s birthdays in your Address book into your iCal calendar.

And this one lets you Sync your iCal calendars over a network without a .Mac account: