The end of the world

So Amber’s new EP is out. People seem to like Take On Me, so that’s cool. It’ll be fun to see it on the Apple Music Store. Well, other places too, but that’s where I shop. Speaking of shopping, went shopping over the weekend with Judy and spent way too much money updating my image. More meetings for this week as we get that going, and of course the endless stream of eBay work with Robin (and now without Robin also). I decided to write up the procedures I’ve been using in getting Amber and Stefanie out there (based on what we did with Syrva years ago) and put them into a little eBook for sale on eBay. Not a single sale. Oh well, it was fun anyway. Sold my old cordless phone for $50 though. :)

I’ve been thinking of doing a techno album though now that I have the distribution channels open. What do you think?