The Saga of Susan

So Susan’s check didn’t just bounce – she put a stop payment on it. Nice, but also illegal.

Judy is running for neighborhood council. We went and handed out flyers today.’s about ready to launch the new web site. Did the business cards up today, Drew’s coming back in town tomorrow, Ernie got back from London today, and we’re getting ready to rumble.

So crazy Drew decided to land in Burbank at 9:25am in the morning and that I should get him from the airport, so I gotsa like go to sleep, so g’nite all.


I am updating my blog. My, that is exciting. So Susan moved out after a confrontation with Judy (and not paying rent for over a month). No forwarding address or anything, and of course the closing check bounced. Those who pray, you can pray for her. Last I heard she was being turned down by the places she’d applied for.

Things are getting a bit tight in the cash flow. A project or two would be nice. Just did one for Robert – an instrumental version of two Desi Arnez (sp?) songs from I Love Lucy. He’s doing a show for his Mom’s 70th birthday (aww) and wanted to sing them but couldn’t find any Kareoke tracks. I took samples from the original tracks and made loops for the drums, then re-created the brass/sax/bass. Came out really well, I must say… :)

Must also blab a bit about .Mac. Finally signed up for it and it’s quite cool. Used the bookmarks feature to find the URL to my blog update page just now even… Automatic synk of iDisk to your desktop is great – just drop a file in there and in a bit it shows up wherever you’ve mounted your iDisk. Another Mac, PC, your iDisk web page, whatever. Had a composer drpo his sample files into my Public folder a couple days ago – automatically show up on my desktop ready to listen to.

K, think that’s enough excitement (yawn) for one day. Time to go to the beach, or Starbucks, or eat lucky charms.?

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