Bob-Kitty Sightings

So, I got back from Hawaii and my roommate lost my cat. How does one lose a cat? Yeah, well you have to know my roommate. Anyway, so tonight I’m outside talking to a friend and I see something whiz across the street toward the side of the house. Could be a fast skunk, but moved kinda like Bob-Kitty. I grab my million-candlepower flashlight and go in quest, but find nothing.

In other news, Valentine’s day was odd, spent with a cute 20-year-old and her parents in Hawaii. hey, better than 5th-wheeling it with my family. 🙂

I have to do a cover of 99 LuftBalloons (the 80s song) for Stefanie’s album. She’s booked at like 20 schools so far – go Stefanie! Rewind, we’re doing a school tour in LA to teach kids about music, and promote the album. Doing the album was contingent on getting the gigs. 10 gigs was the threshold. Should I do it as a Techno/Dance or more of a rock feel like the original?


So I’m in Maui. Good Times. If you’re on Maui, tag me or comment and say Hi. Ok, say “Ya bra”.

Did the Molokini thing again today (that’s a boat -> snuba/snorkling -> whale running-over trip for those that haven’t been here). It’s fun watching people clap at whales. ooh, aah. 😉

Fact o’ the day: I’m not jaded.

Amber got herself on URSCENE-FM (Internet/Satellite radio). Go Amber.

So, I don’t like reading long blog entries, so I’ll keep this short for you. Why y’all gotta not be commenting?! Say something more interesting than I do!

Link o’ the day: Drew. And if Nicole ever gets a web page up I’ll link to it.