So I’m wasting my time, or so I think, updating my home page here, and decide to check the “Unclaimed Property Search” link in the Links area. And whadda you know – AAA owed me money from years ago! Cool. See, wasting time -can- be profitable. :)

Scene 25

So I’m off to Hawaii in a couple weeks. Anybody wanna come? I’m currently planning on being the 5th wheel to my family and working on music stuff unless a random friend happens to drop in for a visit. Knowing my life that could happen. So Big Fish is good. Saw it with my friend Amy tonight. Yes, Amy. Names have been changed to protect the weird. I don’t like reading long boring Blog entries, so in my assumption that everyone is like me, I’m going to go find something else to do now. 🙂

Bad blogger!

I’m a bad blogger. BAD BLOGGER! We are ashamed my precious.

So, Christmas was good, New Years was interesting. Now I’m working on a couple web sites:
Bella Dolci (purses…) and Present Tense, a jazz band. (of course they don’t come up – I’m still working on them)!

Got three new songs with Stefanie that we’re working on too, and a TOP-SECRET project with Amber becuase I just couldn’t resist (it’s an 80’s cover song with a really big vocal range)…

So that’s me, how are you?