I’d just like to comment on this whole “Internet Piracy” fiasco.

Pretend you’re a record executive or recording artist. You spend millions each year printing CDs and paying people to distribute them, keep retail stores open, etc.

I come to you and say, “hey, I’ve got a system that will allow anyone in the world to buy any of your songs without leaving their home, and it’ll cost you nothing”.

You say, “Free worldwide distribution? You’ve gotta be nuts!”

I say, “Nope. It’s real.”

Do you:
a) Jump up and down and figure out how to make the barrels of money that can obviously be made from this?
b) Try to shut it down.

Evidently, you try to shut it down. In fact, you spend even more millions of dollars trying to stop your particular kind of information from being distributed.

Keep in mind now, the Internet was designed by the government with the intent that in case one or more cities were completely destroyed by nulcear missles, they would still be able to transmit information over this network.

Now, evidently the MPAA and record companies think it’s a good idea to throw their resources at trying to stop this.

They say the piracy is hurting them? Maybe if they turned their virtual warheads towards figuring out how to make money from the Internet instead of trying to stop it, they’d get somewhere. Instead, they are going to go out of business, and be replaced by those that have figured out how to do this right…