Unclaimed Property

Ok, this is going to sound like an infomercial… “Unclaimed Property” is the magic word of the day. My company got a notice from CA state the other day about how to turn over “unclaimed property” (property or money you owe someone that you can’t find) to the state. Randomly, my friend Robin told me about how to find and claim unclaimed property that’s yours… Evidently if a company owes you money or has property of yours and can’t find you for some reason (you move, etc), they have to turn it over to the state. The state will then hold it until you or your heir claims it. Ok, so how do I claim it you ask? Right – you go to www.unclaimed.org, click the “owners” tab, enter your state, and follow the link to that state’s web site, then follow the directions there to search for unclaimed property. Good chance you or someone you know has something there!

Each state has their own site, but unclaimed.org basically provides an easy link to them all (I think there are similar sites, but whatever).

So go get what’s yours! :-D

(p.s. if you think this is an infomercial or not true (russ), give me your info and I’ll go claim it for you 🙂