Ok, I’m tired. So, Amber‘s got a new song posted, and I think we’re about ready to get the graphics going for her. My bro’s in town, which is fun. Umm, lessee. Was reading up on alternate theories re: the 9/11 attacks today on the web. Do a google search for “september 11 what really happened”. What do you think – is the popular story accurate?

The San Fernando Valley is working on seceeding (sp?) from Los Angeles – I’m against it, frankly. Just more politicians trying to muck stuff up. Sounds like a bad idea – and they were talking about naming the new city “Camelot”, which would be cool. But now they’re going to call it something stupid, so forget it.

Saw Brian McNight (sp again?) tonight close-up performing at a local club. Quite a talent there.

K – bedtime. Ciao.

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