Personal Update

Oh yes, and for those that don’t know – I had my wisdom teeth out Friday, and the doctor said it was difficult, but that’s news to me. No swelling, no real pain – I was out all day Sunday! But, I’d cleared enough time that I got to do some work on my site, catch up with some people, have a couple business mtgs, and even write a song, so that’s cool. K – enough typing for today. Ciao.

Chimera Web Browser

Ok, gotta say – I’ve been playing with the Chimera web browser for MacOS X, and it’s very cool. 7MB in size, loads instantly, fast, standard… It’s based on the Mozilla Gecko Open Source rendering engine. For those on MacOS X, I recommend it. For those not on MacOS X, I recommend you get on MacOS X – best OS on the planet currently. Don’t believe me? Try not shutting down your computer for two months, ever. That’s right – keep it in sleep mode only. That’s UNIX for ya. :)>. Ok, off the soap box – check out the Daily Blurbs each day – they change at midnight and there are some cute ones coming up. Thanks for visiting!</p>
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